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Payment options

SDE.NO uses Klarna, and we are also soon ready with VIPPS.

Both providers are well known and very safe options for the consumer.

Read more about: Klarnas Buyer Protection.

How does it work with partial payment?

When you choose to split the payment on an invoice or to pay at your own pace, your purchases are combined with Klarna on one invoice. A total monthly invoice means one payment, one KID number and one administration fee of NOK 45. You can also choose to pay in installments for your purchases over 3, 6 or 12 months, directly in the Klarna app.

If this is the first time you choose to pay in installments for a purchase, we will send you an account agreement so that you can accept the terms for partial payment. If you use BankID, you can sign the agreement digitally by clicking on our e-mail link. Once you have signed and returned the account agreement, we will send you the monthly invoice at the end of the month. The due date will be at the beginning of the following month. You can then choose to pay the full amount, or split the amount and pay at your own pace.

What is a Klarna invoice?

When you choose to shop with an invoice from Klarna, you should always get what you have ordered before you pay. It is simple, risk-free and convenient.

The invoice will usually have a payment deadline of 14 days unless otherwise agreed.

What is Pay Now?

With the payment method "Pay now", you can make the payment at the time of purchase, and at the same time keep all the benefits you get when you shop with Klarna. The payment can be made in two ways: card payment or direct bank transfer.

How does Pay Now with direct bank transfer work?

Our payment method "Pay now" is a direct bank transfer that is connected to your online bank.

1. You choose the country and your bank.

2. Log in with your bank details via BankID (on mobile).

3. As soon as the transaction is successful, the store receives a confirmation that immediately initiates the order.

You get a complete overview of your purchases in the Klarna app.

Vipps payment solution for is coming soon ...

The story of Vipps

In 2014 a project team was established in the Norwegian bank DNB. The goal was to launch a P2P payment solution in the market. The target group was all Norwegian inhabitants with a Norwegian mobile phone number, a Norwegian payment card and a Norwegian bank account. We wanted to deliver a service that was as simple as sending SMS, and which everyone could use anywhere, anytime and independent of who you bank with.

Vipps was launched 30th of May 2015 and instantly became a huge success. In the first year, 1M consumers had Vipps before the year end. Over 80 % was satisfied with the solution and the brand was recognized by more than 80. Today, Vipps is used by over 75% of the Norwegian population and offers a much broader set of simplified payment solutions like POS and e-commerce payments, letting people pay their electronic bills and check their account balance. Through the merger with BankID in 2018, Vipps is now also offering a highly successful federated eID used by over 90 percent of the population. Vipps is continuously evolving along the lines of excite people every day through world class simplification.

Some of the key insights we found was the following: consumers were most in need for such a service on Fridays after 21:00 because they were social with friends, family or with colleagues. We knew that the consumers didn’t carry neither cash or an e-ID dongle, so the product vision was: “Sending money in 2014 should be as simple as sending SMS.”

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