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SDE uses cookies to optimize the user experience online.

We use log data from external suppliers (eg Google Analytics) to see which subpages our customers visit. This gives us unique insight offers that we in turn use to continuously improve our technical solutions. Cookies are also used to customize advertising for you, so the relevance is greater.

We collect and store log data with external suppliers (Google Analytics etc.) about, for example, which posts, pages, product categories, and products are searched for and viewed. This is to be able to learn what our users are interested in, to improve the content, product selection, and offers. This information is also used to enable you to show you related products, or send you related and relevant offers (only if you have explicitly requested this). The information is also used to produce traffic statistics e.g. capacity planning.

It is possible to turn off the use of cookies in your browser. We point out that our websites are dependent on cookies and if these are turned off, it may affect the website's performance. Your IP address is anonymized before being sent to Google Analytics. Retargeting, remarketing, and personalization based on your and other customers' previous behavior online and in-store, the advertising message is adapted both on SDE.NO, but also external websites where we have chosen to advertise.